This project is designed to gain a better understanding of the psychological factors that can cause an individual who is living on the streets to become accustomed to it.

We have all had an encounter with what we would consider to be a “homeless” individual; those who live in the world of our societies shadow hidden away from our awareness,

Calling for our help!

Whether through their outstretched arms petitioning for nickles and dimes, or with their emotion targeting signs looking to sequester some capital from the Altruistic members of the public.

For those few seconds we acknowledge them, we consciously become aware of how fortunate we are; however brief … and also of a greater issue steadily rising in the Toronto community.

Now there is definitely a variety of different reasons as to why many of these individuals wound up on the street: from drugs to mental illness to personal tragedy. Yet their are those who are completely drug free and have a grounded mind, but they still continue to live on the streets, with seemingly no way out.

Br3athe believe that there is a cause for this that even the many Independent Agencies, Non-Profits, Charities or even Governmental institutions cannot solve without considering the information below.

A Science Alert article report mentioned: it is said to take an average of 2 to 3 months to gain a new habit.

Also, according to the Toronto housing facts: “some of the more difficult cases tend to be those whose lived on the streets longer than a 2-3 month period”.

Br3athe believes that there is a direct correlation between these findings:

The reason these cases tend to be the more difficult ones is due to the fact that they have developed the habit of living on the street allowing them to become more comfortable with their positions and therefore becoming passive and complacent to their predicament.

For MOST of us it is inconceivable to live on the streets even for a day, but for those unfortunate enough to live in the shadows of the city, it is just another day … of trying to survive.

We at Br3athe would like to propose an experiment:

If given the right opportunities would these habits break under the pressure of a “normal life”?

We would like to provide a means of support (including food, shelter and clothing) for two qualifying individuals who currently are without a place to live for three months to potentially help them to establish a new identity as well as a sense of self outside of the streets.

After the 3 months has expired, Br3athe intends to follow-up with with the individuals via video interview to see how they fare.

Will they live up to the expectations? Leave us your comments below and support us in this endeavor with whatever contributions you can give.

We all need to Br3athe!

Project sponsors:

Harriet Tubman Community Organization (Providing heritage counseling, jobs as well as potential long term sustainable housing)

Onyx Barber Shop (Providing the haircuts for the participants)
Instagram: Kirksbarberlove

Blue Nile Natural (Providing home care appliances)

Simple Life (Providing clothing)

Lazul Eye (Providing Essential Support Services)

Festival Printing (Providing Custom Clothes)

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