Best of Reggie Watts – Part 1

00:00 – Reggie On Coco
04:06 – Technology (Reggie on Coco)
06:04 – Put your hand in the cookie jar!
07:21 – I wanna know what it takes to love you
12:00 – Reggie on TED
14:09 – I wanna be there for you (Pop Tech)
17:15 – Amazing Song – Oh no, there’s something in your gazebo (Pop Tech)
20:25 – When I do What I Do (Pop Tech)
25:39 – Reggie Watts at TEDxBerlin – The Bluzz
27:15 – Reggie Watts at TEDxBerlin – Dampfnoodle
29:08 – Reggie Watts at TEDxBerlin – The new IOs is comming out soon
33:58 – Wax and Wane

I’m Lucas, Brazilian videomaker and photographer.
I think this man is a genious, so I put up together most of his improv music videos for myself and everyone else to enjoy and listen while working, like I do.

I do not own the rights of the videos, the link for the respective videos are below:

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